A Change for the Better


With one successful hybrid conference to reflect upon,
we are pleased to announce the following changes and new features of this year’s event.
We are grateful to our members who continue to guide and inform our decisions with changing conversations, thoughtful feedback, and creative survey responses which continue to help us shift our ongoing offerings including the Fall Conference.

 What’s new for 2023

  • 2023 sees the end of ‘Virtual Friday’ and the return to a 4-day event.
  • Monday tour options are back, with four offerings this year that we hope will expand your palette, your mind, and your heart.
  • The Exhibit Hall will be open on Tuesday and Thursday.  
  • No Exhibit Hall on Wednesday – Associates are invited to join in the morning sessions, including the Keynote and our popular Municipal Showcase.     
  • During lunch on Wednesday, Associate Partners have time to connect in conversation and to join the Been There Done That Panel audience, an interactive session showcasing a panel of six IT leaders from across the province who share how their municipality has tackled issues. 
  • Following Wednesday’s lunch and Panel, as Birds of a Feather and Peer Sharing circles begin, Associate Partners are welcome to host one-on-one or small group sessions for those not immediately joining the conversation circles.  Municipal folks and Associates may join, leave, and rejoin the Birds of a Feather and Peer Sharing discussions at any time during the afternoon.  
  • Our ‘President’s Dinner’ has been newly named ‘Membership Appreciation Dinner’ to reflect a sense of gratitude for our members, and for all who contribute to the success of this amazing association. 
  • With the schedule change, there is more time for Associate Partners to host independent events, outside of the scheduled programming.
  • Beverage Tickets are back but in a whole new way and will be available for purchase at the Registration Desk and at the three social evening events and may be used during our three dinner events.  
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